how did the pembroke legacy become so popular? you get a lot of notes and people seem to like it a bunch.. how did you do it?

Honestly, I don’t know. It’s like my neglected little baby, I think I started posting when a lot of legacies weren’t active, so good timing I guess? That and I don’t post much gameplay pictures…like ever :x

But honestly, just play for you. Have fun with the game, i found that posting on tumblr can put a lot of pressure on you and you start to enjoy the game less. Part of the reason I haven’t been playing lately D’;

No matter what hour,
she lurked looking sour
be it midnight or mid-afternoon,
Her dresses were shabby,
Her mood always crabby.

Her name was Miss Annabel Spoon.


Theresa Allard for nixels

A professional widow. That’s all.

Hair | Skin | Eyes (default) | Nose contour | Shoes

CAS preview | Download

"Lead a bunch of misfits into the middle of nowhere and fool them into thinking I’m capable of running an entire town…..CHECK!”

I’m kind of at the point where I don’t know what to do with my game (gameplay wise) and wanted to find out from your experience what is more fun. I like the idea of doing weekly rotations, but i’m not sure whether to start from scratch and build up a town like BACC. Or to play in an already established world and play with different lifestyles like being $$$ and fem0uz, middle class, etc etc

idk what do you guys find more rewarding/fun?

1. The shelf is from Lisen801@MTS and the curtains are either BG or from an EP, I’m not sure which sorry I can’t remember D;

2. No thank you, have fun ;3

3. <3333

4. I actually used CAW to do it, i know there is a way to edit the terrain without CAW but I have no idea how to do it >.<

What I did was download the CAW files from HERE (great website for the CAW files for store worlds) and I downloaded the terrain textures from MTS (I used Moonlight Falls terrain & Roads HERE) I put those in a folder in Electronic Arts/Create A World Tool/UserToolData/SourceTextures and put them in their own folder.

Then with the world open in create a world, I go to the terrain tab and switch out the files to the moonlight falls ones in that folder.

5. I definitely can in the future but it probably won’t be till the end of the month (stupid uni work D;). I might make it as CC free as possible…because it has a loooot. But i’m excited to see your renditions of Mike & Sully!

6 & 7. Thanks for trying to find something nice on that truly unflattering selfie xD

8. This one… i think. (St. Claire Water and no Aurora)

9. Thank you, I do miss them dearly. And I can but I’m probably won’t be able to open my game up till the end of the month (assessment crunch time). But if you want to do it yourself, its actually just a slight makeover from a house that came from midnight hollow. I just replaced all the gross black trees and changed the roofing and windows.

10. I think they are all from Mutske@TSR  theres a whole bunch of different sizes too.

Oh the nostalgia

pictures from my first playthrough of the pembroke legacy

 Here’s another sim dump featuring the sims from my upcoming BACC, finally available for download. From the top left to the bottom right we have Margot, Rufus, Beatrice, Percy, Cynthia, Jonathon, Lisette, Enid & Chester. All clothing categories have been assigned so whatever EP’s or SP’s you do not own will be replaced. Change them however you please, some of their content is missing so feel free to substitute where necessary

All sims have a cc list included and their .sim files included which goes in your SavedSims file.


Tag me if you do use them, I’d love to see what they get up to :D

Have Fun!