*knocks* are you still there? are you still alive?

Still aliveee, just busy with uni… scary to think I’m going to be graduating this year if I pass everything.  I’ve kinda outgrown this blog, I’m not going to abandon it completely… I’ve just been feeling iffy about the sims and games in general. Who knows I’ll probably be back here in a few months like nothing happened lmao

But if you want to keep in touch you can follow my gross, generic personal blog just shoot me a message. See yaaaaaaa sooon?

Got to meet Adam Elliot, the director of Mary & Max and Harvie Krumpet. No biggie.

No matter what hour,
she lurked looking sour
be it midnight or mid-afternoon,
Her dresses were shabby,
Her mood always crabby.

Her name was Miss Annabel Spoon.


Theresa Allard for nixels

A professional widow. That’s all.

Hair | Skin | Eyes (default) | Nose contour | Shoes

CAS preview | Download

"Lead a bunch of misfits into the middle of nowhere and fool them into thinking I’m capable of running an entire town…..CHECK!”

Oh the nostalgia

pictures from my first playthrough of the pembroke legacy

 Here’s another sim dump featuring the sims from my upcoming BACC, finally available for download. From the top left to the bottom right we have Margot, Rufus, Beatrice, Percy, Cynthia, Jonathon, Lisette, Enid & Chester. All clothing categories have been assigned so whatever EP’s or SP’s you do not own will be replaced. Change them however you please, some of their content is missing so feel free to substitute where necessary

All sims have a cc list included and their .sim files included which goes in your SavedSims file.


Tag me if you do use them, I’d love to see what they get up to :D

Have Fun!


For the anon who wanted Ned, go grab him here!