the sim dump </3

I’m working on it x_x

A CC list for 10 sims will be the death of me. Goodbye world. Goodbye Life. Goodbye…the sims.


I’ve received a lot of questions lately regarding my pembroke legacy which is an edit of pleyita’s beautiful riverview redux. Since my version has been heavily edited in CAW I am unable to share my save of the world. So I decided I’d upload all the residential lots.

Do with them as you please, edit them, expand them.. whatever you desire. The lot size, price and cc required are listed in the download. Along with a map view of where I placed the lots if you wish to replicate my edit of riverview.



credits: beatdoc16, starlightdiner, voleste, awesims and ohevers.

Some of the lots are actually makeovers from other creators in the community, therefore I have included links to their blogs. Due the size limitations of the world I was forced to remake some houses from other creators on a smaller lot size.

I downloaded April and Casey and I've been having such a blast with them! Just wanted to say thanks for making such great characters with unique faces. April's love of kid's music did lead her to have triplets though. Oops.

Thank you, glad to know someone is having fun! Triplets would be the death of me in game. I can barely handle babies ;_;

Nixel requested a plantsimesque sim from me- so here she is! :D Ivy Snapdragon.

wow your simblr is amazing, it honestly gives me so many ideas! :)


Thank you :D Welcome to my blog where I develop these overly ambitious projects and never get a chance to actually play them.

*goes back to disappearing for another two months*

For Hecuba
where do you get your inspiration from for all these great houses?

Thank you! Most, if not all my inspiration comes from movies, games & tv shows but I also try to reflect my sims personality in their houses. Therefore they contain mannnnnny references like with this house which was inspired by the Oozma Kappa fraternity and the kitchen from Pushing Daises. Then the creepy underground lab is a nod to Stepford Wives ;D While this post was actually inspired by those awesome TS4 concept art houses with mix of Left 4 Dead 2 and Misty Day (ahs) for the furnishing. 

Orla’s Shack

Hi nick! If uploading the individual lots is too much of a pain in the butt (which it sounds like it is going to be!) would you consider taking screenshots of the lot/floorplans like you did with your founder's home instead?
Oh its not a problem, I already have the packaged up the residential lots ready to go. I’ve just had a few distractions which stopped me from posting them but I can definitely include the floor-plans as alternative if you like. I’m thinking I might do that for the community lots, since I did not make  a lot of them. I merely just recreated them on a smaller lot size to fit in riverview.

Chester’s top secret laboratory.

Can u put up the floor plans pls? I have tried looking at the tutor but it dindnt work :(

Sorry for the uber late reply, I got sick with the flu.
Here you go:

image image

Cynthia’s Dollhouse.